Online Cron API Service

Online Cron API Service

About this project

Hi, my name is Jude, this is one of my personal projects. It aims to provide a web based API service for scheduled or recurring tasks(cron jobs). You can easily integrate it into your own applications. Add new tasks via API and when the time comes, the API service will send an request to the url you provided, your scheduled job starts

How to start

First, you need to get an API key to use this service. No sign up required, just sign in with your Google or Yahoo account, you will be assigned with an API key. Once you have got your API key, please read the document for the details of usage.

Is it free?

Yes! It is a complete free service, but to help maintaining and improving this free serice, your donations are always welcomed. If you'd like, please donate some $$ using the following "Donate" button via Paypal, thanks for your support!

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